It is not every day that Premier League side Everton FC have a Spanish player like Mikel Arteta in their midst.
The current Manchester City assistant spent his best years with the Merseyside club before joining his mentor Pep Guardiola.
After he left Everton tried their luck once more with a talent from the Iberian island and two years down the drain they couldn’t be farther from finding another Mikel Arteta.
If anything, this will teach Everton to appreciate the role chance plays in football no n=matter how modern it becomes.
It is just like saying Everton will get a second Leighton Baines if they scout the lower tiers of English football. Thankfully that never happens and yes, that is why soccer betting is an industry.
It takes some kind of faith whenever a football club triggers the release clause of a player, so special, they can’twait to get him the traditional way. Everton had that kind of tremendous belief in what Ramirez was capable of bringing to the club. They didn’t blink an eye when paying Real Valladolid.
Although that money increasingly looks like a waste on an investment without any returns, Everton fans hopes, one day, Ramirez will kick his stride.
At Everton, the signee has learnt that it is always greener in England when you are in Spain until you transfer to England and suddenly realis=ze that Spain’s fields were always green but maybe he didn’t just water it enough. It may still be fixed but with age no longer on his side, he might have to water the field in England as much as possible.
Crowning it all is the fact that Sandro Ramirez has not scored any goal, in open play, for the past two years.
It remains to be seen how a striker with such a horrible stat can have a future at Everton.