Welbeck disappointed with the result

England and Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck said that the London team is disappointed after their defeat against Manchester City. He said that they have been working hard during the pre-season and was hoping that they could get a positive result from the game.

However, he admitted that it was never going to be easy as there has been so much going on around the team with the arrival of a new manager, new staff, and some new players. He believes that it will take some time for the team to deliver results and that the fans should be patient with them.

He said that they have been learning some new playing style and that the manager has his own way of playing football and it will take some time before all the players get acquainted with the way they play.

He said that Manchester City is a very good team and that it is not a surprise why they were champions last season. He said that they will be facing another good team in Chelsea next week and that this will be an opportunity to find out how much they have improved.

He believes that Emery is doing a good job and that the players are slowly adapting to the way he plays but it will take some time to perform to their best level. He said that it is a bit unfortunate that they had to face two strong teams in the early stage of the season and that they will have to give their best next week to get a positive result.

Welbeck believes that this can be an exciting season once the team is settled and that the objective of the team is to win at least a cup and get back into the Champions League.