Arsenal Is Fantastic Premier League By … Not To Be Terrible

Northern London Unai Emery remodeling goes smoother than expected; it is unbeaten since August London. The Premier League season is only a quarter of the way, but in northern London, Arsenal will celebrate. This is because fans are aware that there is already something special about this campaign, something that was far from guaranteed: This Arsenal season is not a disaster.

Seems more solid than they have this year, Gunners made 1-1 on Saturday to tip pursuing Liverpool to expand an effortless struggle in nine matches in the league that dates back to August. They are six points from first place and stuck in the desire for the top four finish. All of them deliver the test “not a disaster” with flying colors.

I believe the progress will come over time, long,” said Arsenal manager Unai Emery, 11 games in his Premier League career. “In football, it is very difficult to ask for a lot of time, but we need it.” To avoid short-term humiliation, it may seem like a modest season for a club with Arsenal’s size.

Until recently, the Gunners were uninhabitable in the top four of the Premier League. They offer some of the highest revenue in world football. And they are nothing if not stable. Arsenal has never been relegated from England’s top level. But last summer, it was perhaps the most challenging in the club’s latest story. Arsenal had the task of replacing manager Arsene Wenger after 22 years of responsibility. In a league where the average management period drops about 18 months, Wenger’s term of office felt as long as the Mesozoan era.

His fingerprints were in all parts of the club, from the game style to his transfer policy to the building it played in.